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10 Signs Your Wife If unsatisfied After Sex

If your spouse in a bad mood for no apparent reason. So you can see that her problem is more psychological than physical problems. Recent research from the Kinsey Institute found that nearly a quarter of women reported they were having problems dissatisfaction in sexual activity.

According to Scott Haltzman, MD, assistant professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University, you can see when a woman is unhappy in the affairs of the bed. 10 signs you should look is;

1. She Looks Lazy and Away from Your Kids
"He refused to parenting / care of the children, He expects you will know that what is needed is not met" Haltzman said. "What was he expecting is that you want to discuss the issue with him."

2. Credit Card Bill Leaping Like Rocket
"Some women break into places other spas and therapists as compensation to comfort those who are less self-satisfied". Words Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., who is also an author of books on the subject of sex "The Forgivable Sin."

3. He is used to Being Seen Slim Round
"Women will usually eat more to compensate
Because of their sexual satisfaction is not met, "says Eaker Weil.

4. He worked more or even drink liquor
This is done in an effort to try to divert his attention or even forget you.

5. He sometimes slipped a satiric comment / insult in a conversation with your colleagues together.
"He was trying to say that there is something wrong with you both," says Judy Kuriansky, Ph.D., a professor of psychology from Columbia University.

6. Catch Him While You bermasturbasi
"If he do this very often, so this means you really do not pay attention to all his sexual needs." Eaker Weil said. "Ask him. If he's embarrassed to talk about this problem, just tell him, "I know that I have yet to satisfy you, but I really want to satisfy you. Is this what you want? "

7. She's Like Being a Little Wild Fox Females
"If he brought home a" sex toy "or encourage you to rent a porn video. This may mean that he thought that the ways of sex which has long carried with you as long as this does not satisfy her anymore." Haltzman said.

8. Becoming Like Him in the Cold Fish Fridge
"Lazy and not many moves during sex with you, become less responsive to stimuli you are clear signs that he pulled himself from you. Kuriansky said." The only way to cope is to talk about this issue. "

9. She Looks Over "Hot" Later This
"He was sending a message to you that he is a subject in need of sexual satisfaction, because he thought all this time you will forget this," said Haltzman.

10. She's Becoming More Critical About Yourself
This may mean you do not even memperhatilkan himself outside the "affairs of the bed." "Have you noticed that the satisfaction derived from feeling respected, loved, respected, and desired to be emotionally and physically." Says Eaker Weil.

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